[Spread-users] 1 problem with Spread.pm and 1 problem with spread daemon, was

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at zope.com
Thu Jan 17 07:27:10 EST 2002

>>>>> "GS" == George Schlossnagle <george at omniti.com> writes:

  >> 2) Somewhat more mysteriously, receive() only processes get
  >> spontaneously disconnected and receive() returns a
  >> CONNECTION_CLOSED correctly whenever a receiver is hammered
  >> continuously from more than 1 process on the same box. The
  >> sending processes DO NOT get disconnected, however.

  GS> Each spread daemon maintains a separate queue for each client
  GS> connected to it.  If the client's queue exceeds the max size, it
  GS> (that specific client) will be disconnected.  You can lengthen
  GS> the queue at compile time, but you probably just need to make
  GS> sure you process it faster.

We've just been discussing the same problem with our Spread app.  I'm
not sure what the right limit is, but there is a problem with making
it too big, right?  As I understand it, the daemon has to buffer all
those messages in memory until the client takes them.


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