[Spread-users] Spread contractors in SF Bay area?

John David Duncan jdd at greatschools.net
Wed Jan 9 21:17:26 EST 2002

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On Wednesday, January 9, 2002, at 05:15 PM, Tom Mornini wrote:

> We've been quite careful in our implementation, and I believe we're 
> using Spread
> as intended. We have written a Perl OO wrapper for the supplied Perl 
> module and
> it could very well be doing something that is causing the problems.

I am also in San Francisco having a very similar problem.  We have a 
small custom-written perl module, and run spread for logging, and have 
an occasional problem with the system hanging (more like every 4 or 5 
days than every 10, unfortunately).  When this happens it becomes 
impossible to connect using spuser, and though spmonitor will connect, 
it will not report any message activity.  After one server is restarted, 
it appears that all of the "held" spread messages from the other servers 
do get delivered to spreadlogd.

I've attached the perl module for comparison, but I'm pretty convinced 
it's not a part of the problem.

All of this is on Spread 3.16.1 and FreeBSD 4.4

- JD

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