[Spread-users] Spread contractors in SF Bay area?

Tom Mornini tom at quios.net
Wed Jan 9 20:15:11 EST 2002

My company is using Spread semi successfully to demux web and 
application logs.

I say semi successfully because once ever 10 days or so our system will 
hang up
until Spread is stopped and restarted on 1 of the systems. At that point 
we have
10 or so days of smooth sailing until another one of the systems hang up.

We're intending to use Spread in far more significant ways, but are 
hesitant due to this one problem.

We've been quite careful in our implementation, and I believe we're 
using Spread
as intended. We have written a Perl OO wrapper for the supplied Perl 
module and
it could very well be doing something that is causing the problems.

Is there someone in the San Francisco Bay Area who knows Spread inside 
and out?
We would like to work with a contractor who has "been there, done that" 
to help
us identify the problem quickly so that we can move on.

-- Tom Mornini
-- eWingz Systems, Inc.
-- ICQ: 113526784, AOL: tmornini, Yahoo: tmornini, MSN: tmornini

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