[Spread-users] Tunnels

Mark Anacker manacker at lizardtech.com
Tue Jan 8 12:55:12 EST 2002

I've got spread segments happily running on a couple of private-IP, isolated
subnets.  I'd like to link them together into a larger network via a
TCP-over-SSH tunnel.  Spread as is stands now doesn't seem to handle
inter-segment communications with anything other than broadcasts - UDP or

I can, of course, stick a client on each end to forward the local segment's
messages to the other end, but that's going to be a bit ugly.  The messages
going to the remote segment will appear to come from the tunneling client,
rather than the true sender.  Or I could set up a VPN ov erhte TCP
connection and have Spread broadcast over that, but this adds a lot of
protocol overhead that I'd just as soon avoid if I can.

Any chance of adding point-to-point tunneling to the spread daemon directly?
Mark Anacker
Senior Software Architect
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disclosure prohibited.

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