[Spread-users] Re: [Wackamole-users] Query as to application of Wackamole and mySQL

Sam Przyswa samp at arial-concept.com
Wed Aug 21 23:04:42 EDT 2002

Theo Schlossnagle (jesus at omniti.com) écrivait:
>John David Duncan wrote:
>I would say MySQL replication "works as documented"... and you better
>read the documents before you assume someone else's definition of
>replication is the same as yours or mine.  IMNSHO MySQL doesn't
>replicate at all... Rather it does an excellent job of distributing
>One quick example.  If I insert a row on machine A and machine B runs
>out of space when trying to apply that insert, it will not be inserted
>on B and will be on A and you have two accessible DBs without a
>consistent view.  The transaction never should have taken place unless
>it could be committed on all machines in the "replication pool".  MySQL
>provides nothing approaching this AFAIK.
>MySQL allows applying ones transaction log to another database and
>cascading these into a daisy-chain -- where atomicity, consistency and
>integrity are maintained in all this is beyond me :-)
>My main point is that wackamole make no claims or efforts to provide
>application level replication.  It will never be the "mission" of
>wackamole.  Spread, on the other hand, is an excellent subsystem for
>building such a technology.  Spread could be used to implement ACID
>compliant replicated databases.
>This discussion belongs on the MySQL or Spread lists (Spread-users IMHO
>so Ihave CCed it).

I agree with you !

About one week ago I had posted in MySQL list a message on MySQL in cluster and I
had talk about Spread to make MySQL ACID compliant database, but nobody reply...

Anyway I think Spread it's a good tool to do that, and I hope somebody will do it.

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