[Spread-users] configuration only using private IP addresses

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Tue Aug 20 10:34:20 EDT 2002

ÀÌÁ¤¼ö wrote:

>I want to consist spread segment with 4 machine that only have private IP address.
>So, I describe spread segment in the configuraion file as following.
>Spread_Segment {
>    ASM
>    OMP		192.1.233
>    TSM1
>    TSM2 
>But, the configuration may not work. for example, I have failure in inter-daemon group messaging.
>sometimes, blocking is occur when the application connect to a daemon.
>(the configuration using broadcast also don't work)
>Is it impossible to consist of spread segment only with private IP addresses?
>Should I use reserved private address space(192.168.*.*)? 
>Is this the reason for fail? or any other reason?
>Please, help me.
Any IP addresses should work as long as they are on the same subnet or
they are routed correctly and multicast routing is set up properly. It
looks as if all of your are on the same subnet, so you should be fine.

Should you use reserved private address space? Of course! That is what
it is there for! However, it shouldn't break anything Spread specific if
you choose to deviate from RFC1918.

You hint that these are "internal addresses". Perhaps you have more than
one physical interface in each machine? If so, and you are running
Linux, multicast will defeat you... Even with a static route to send
multicast traffic out of the "eth1" interface, I still have problems. In
my configurations with Linux and two subnets, I must use IP broadcast
addresses for Spread to work correctly. I think this is no faultof
Spread, but rather of Linux.

Theo Schlossnagle
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