[Spread-users] configuration only using private IP addresses

이정수 integer at digitalwave.co.kr
Tue Aug 20 04:49:49 EDT 2002

I want to consist spread segment with 4 machine that only have private IP address.
So, I describe spread segment in the configuraion file as following.


Spread_Segment {
    OMP		192.1.233


But, the configuration may not work. for example, I have failure in inter-daemon group messaging.
sometimes, blocking is occur when the application connect to a daemon.
(the configuration using broadcast also don't work)

Is it impossible to consist of spread segment only with private IP addresses?
Should I use reserved private address space(192.168.*.*)? 
Is this the reason for fail? or any other reason?

Please, help me.

Thanks, in advance.

- Kevin Lee
- DigitalWave,Inc.

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