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jasniya badsha jasniya at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 2 06:09:23 EDT 2002

 Can u pls suggest a solution for this problem?I have just noticed that this happens even after the applet runs for  just an hour or less.Can we know if the connection is actually being closed -the applet gives unexpected results when i tried to reconnect again(showing the same spread exception)
  Daniel Rall <dlr at collab.net> wrote: jasniya badsha writes:

> this happens after the application runs for a long time(8-10 hrs).how can we know when to reconnect and what is causing this exception?
> spread.SpreadException: Connection closed while reading header 
> at spread.SpreadConnection.internal_receive(SpreadConnection.java:1045) 
> at spread.SpreadConnection.receive(SpreadConnection.java:1018) 
> at NewsHeadLines$NewsThread.run(NewsHeadLines.java:233) 

Your client may be receiving messages too slowly. The daemon will
eventually disconnect your client, I believe after buffering a certain
number of messages (I believe it defaults to 1000).

Do you happen to be using SpreadMessage's setObject() and/or
getObject() methods? They both are implemented using Java's
serialization mechanism, which is fairly slow.

Daniel Rall 

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