[Spread-users] problems getting started

Mike Dopheide dopheide at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 18 13:10:23 EDT 2002

I'm having problems getting spread to work and I assume it's probably 
something very minor that I'm just not seeing.

I'm testing two spead daemons on the same network with a configuration 
similar to the following:

Spread_Segment {


Both of the spread daemons appear to start up just fine.  Running spuser 
on both machines I can connect, however, doing a "j test" doesn't result 
in the expected message and the same is true for "s test" sending a test 
message.  Essentially, it appears to be running just fine, but I don't see 
any messages.

Note also, simple_user results in this error:
SP_error: (-2) Could not connect. Is Spread running?

But spread is obviously running because spuser can connect.

Any ideas?


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