[Spread-users] Python binding for Spread

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at zope.com
Thu Sep 27 12:43:09 EDT 2001

[Note to comp.lang.python folks: This thread started on the spread
users list.  Check out www.spread.org for background on the spread

>>>>> "BM" == Bradley McLean <brad at bradm.net> writes:

  BM> Attached is a python binding for spread.  It does not support
  BM> the authentication work (because I didn't see any documentation
  BM> on it).

  BM> I'm willing to make extensions and donate this to the project if
  BM> folks are interested.

  BM> I started from a SWIG generated interface, and then replaced
  BM> almost all of it with hand coding for various reasons.

I've also been working on a Python-binding for Spread, but took a
different approach.  I used a collection of extension types to
implement a mailbox object and various message objects, rather than
providing a higher level interface in Python.  I'd be interested to
see which approach people find more useful; it might be a wash.

I had planned to send around an announcement next week, after I
cleaned up the code a little more.  Too bad neither of use knew the
other was working on something :-).

The code is in the zope.org public CVS repository:
You can find instructions there on how to do a checkout.


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