[Spread-users] Beta 1 release of 3.16.1 available

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Fri Sep 28 19:45:36 EDT 2001

Hi everyone,

	I'm still very busy, but I wanted to get something out for people
to play with. When this has gotten a bit of testing (at least by us) we
will release 3.16.1. 

	This beta release should compile, and I've done some basic tests on
linux. If other everyone using it on other platforms could at least do a
quick compile and run check and report the results that would be nice.

	The Readme.txt file has the changes listed. If you think I forgot
one, please tell me. CVS has been tagged with this release as
"BETA1_3_16_1" and you should be able check it out.



Here is a copy of the changes.

September 29, 2001 Ver 3.16.1 BETA 1
1) Fix various races and bugs in the new authentication and access control 
   a) Fix session establishment races with authentication
   b) Add more info for access control hooks to use (mess_type and
   c) Fix so rejected messages are not still delivered to local group
   d) Make reject messages honor SELF_DISCARD.
   e) Fix bug that always allowed NULL connections.
2) SGI now builds using signed chars and reports errors correctly.
3) MacOSX build fixed. 
4) Fixed race at session establishment that caused the assertion failure
   "assert( xxxxx ) false "
5) Add MAX_MESSAGE_BODY_LEN to spread_params.h (used in sp.c checks), move
   MAX_PACKET_SIZE to spread_params.h from arch.h.
6) Fixed interface restrictions for daemons. 
7) Fixed crashes in user and flooder programs when wrong number of command
   line parameters were passed.
8) Added assertion check for Groups membership message with zero members in
   a group. (Theo)
9) Java library fixes and enhancements (Thanks to Dan Rall and Leonard
        Richardson )
10) Fix bug in group name validator G_private_to_names that caused crash.

Jonathan R. Stanton         jonathan at cs.jhu.edu
Dept. of Computer Science   
Johns Hopkins University    

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