[Spread-users] single vs. multiple daemons

Roy Tromble royt at csds.uidaho.edu
Thu Sep 20 15:42:50 EDT 2001


I'm testing an application using Spread and encountering some bothersome
behavior.  I have three nodes running on virtually identical machines in
different subnets.  Another node sends requests to these three via Spread
and gets responses back from them to its private group.  Here is the
problem: if I run a separate Spread daemon on each machine, and have the
nodes connect to that daemon, their responses are different from when all
three connect to a single Spread daemon.  If they all connect to one, I get
the behavior I'm expecting.  However, if they connect to multiple daemons, I
get responses that have bad data in them.  I can't characterize the bad
data, because I'm not sure what's wrong with it (it isn't printable), but
the application handles it incorrectly.  Also, it is not consistently bad.
Often during the different cycles, two of the three will respond correctly,
while during other cycles the other will respond correctly.

I'm wondering if there is any reason why the three would have communication
problems.  I'm pretty confident that they have the same configuration and
are using the same version of Spread.


Roy Tromble

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