[Spread-users] single vs. multiple daemons

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Thu Sep 20 16:35:52 EDT 2001


I think the place to start is to run the spuser - an application provided with
Spread, and see what you get. This will eliminate application
issues and show the real Spread picture. You can then join a group
with multiple users and see what happens. You can check it with one
daemon or with many daemons. If all of this works, it is likely you
have a problem with your application. If it does not work, it is likely
you have a problem with your setup. If both are ok, then maybe there
is a bug but I can hardly believe it - because such a bug will be visible

In that case, e-mail your OS version, spread.conf, and the specific
scenario with spuser that shows the system is broken.

If your OS is one of these we provide executables for, I would appreciate
you also running the provided executables rather than the ones you build.

I am sure this can be traced quite quickly.


	:) Yair.

Roy Tromble wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm testing an application using Spread and encountering some bothersome
> behavior.  I have three nodes running on virtually identical machines in
> different subnets.  Another node sends requests to these three via Spread
> and gets responses back from them to its private group.  Here is the
> problem: if I run a separate Spread daemon on each machine, and have the
> nodes connect to that daemon, their responses are different from when all
> three connect to a single Spread daemon.  If they all connect to one, I get
> the behavior I'm expecting.  However, if they connect to multiple daemons, I
> get responses that have bad data in them.  I can't characterize the bad
> data, because I'm not sure what's wrong with it (it isn't printable), but
> the application handles it incorrectly.  Also, it is not consistently bad.
> Often during the different cycles, two of the three will respond correctly,
> while during other cycles the other will respond correctly.
> I'm wondering if there is any reason why the three would have communication
> problems.  I'm pretty confident that they have the same configuration and
> are using the same version of Spread.
> Thanks,
> Roy Tromble
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