[Spread-users] Public CVS?

Jon Stevens jon at latchkey.com
Mon Sep 17 15:25:57 EDT 2001

on 9/15/01 9:38 PM, "Jonathan Stanton" <jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu> wrote:

> The current CVS server does not allow anonymous access, but anyone
> requesting access is granted it. Right now about 8 people internal to
> CNDS have accounts and 6 people external to CNDS have accounts. We hashed
> out the issue of what type of CVS access to provide about a month ago and
> chose not to provide anonymous access for now. We don't plan to change
> that in the immediate future unless the situation changes, but want to
> keep an open mind as the project and community evolve.

I guess I should go now and check a copy of the source code into anon CVS on

Also, I still haven't seen an answer to my question:

> If not, why?

No offense, but so far at least 6 people have requested it. How many more
votes do you need?


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