[Spread-users] Re: SP_multicast error(-11) in config_log_transaction

George Schlossnagle george at omniti.com
Thu Jul 26 23:34:37 EDT 2001

Sorry this zoomed by me - I think you'e posted more information on the
spread-users list.  It sounds like spread is dying and restarting, or that
the ring is hanging in a membership event for a very long time(long enough
for each daemons send buffer to be exceeded and clients to be disconnected.
What OS are yourunning in, are the machine s under particular load?

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Subject: SP_multicast error(-11) in config_log_transaction

> Every few hours, the following message (flood, actually :) appears in our
> Apache error logs:
> SP_multicast error(-11) in config_log_transaction
> What causes this, and is there a way to prevent it? We're currently using
> version of mod_log_spread on apache 1.3.19 (dso) dated 11/12/2000, in
> conjunction with the binary release 3.16.0 of spread (6/29/01). This is
> running on a glibc 2.1 linux box.
> In certain cases, spread has died, and in others, it keeps running.
> Everything then returns to normal a few seconds later.
> Any ideas or suggestions? Please let me know if you need any other
> information to assist. Thanks very much for your help.
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