[Spread-users] contributions

Daniel Rall dlr at finemaltcoding.com
Thu Jul 26 00:20:15 EDT 2001

Theo Schlossnagle <jesus at omniti.com> writes:

> On Wednesday, July 25, 2001, at 10:21  PM, Daniel Rall wrote:
> > Hello.  I've sent a few patches to this list, but I'm not entirely
> > sure what the standard method of contribution to the Spread project
> > is.  I'm hoping that somebody here can spare me a clue.
> I think you are right on target :-)
> > It would be great to have a "Getting Involved" secition on spread.org,
> > with links to CVS repository (is there one?), etc. (similar to the way
> > jakarta.apache.org does it).
> There really isn't a document about that at this point.  Generally, I
> think that writing to the list (just as you have been) is the way to
> go about it at first.

Gotcha, thanks Theo.  Even though it's only a sentence or two for the
explanation, it can draw participation/contribution that might not
otherwise occur.  If there is interest in this, should I submit
another patch against the web site (as served up by spread.org), or
would another method be preferable?

> Unfortunately, the head of the Spread project (Jonathan Stanton) and
> most of the other core developers are all at a conference this week.
> Don't think they are blowing you off... Just be patient.  I am sure
> that your Java changes will be merged into the tree as soon as someone
> has a chance.

Okay, great.  They're not at the O'Reilly conference in San Diego by
any chance (I'm not there, but some of our other developers are)?

Is anonymous CVS available?  I like pulling from the HEAD of the tree.

Thanks again Theo.


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