[Spread-users] spread with multicast IP's

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Mon Jul 16 18:30:42 EDT 2001

You can use IP-multicast addresses instead of broadcast addresses. Just
replace the broadcast. A simple example is at the end of the
sample.spread.conf file in the distribution.

Spread_Segment {
The is a 'randomly' chosen valid IP-Multicast address. You want
to pick one that isn't being used for anything else on your local network.

Each host still needs it's own private IP address for the token and some
control messages. (in this example the and

The IP-Multicast will only work within one subnet as we do not use routed
ip-multicast, only local area ip-multicast (ethernet multicast). 

I think there are also some examples of using multicast ip addresses in
the Spread Users Guide http://www.spread.org/docs/guide/. 

Hope this helps, if you have a specific configuration in mind I'd be happy
to look at them.


On Mon, Jul 16, 2001 at 10:08:03AM +0200, Michael Stiller wrote:
> Hi list,
> in the example configs found in the documentation there are always 
> "normal" IP Addresses used. If see it correctly, the packets are
> broadcastet over the network. Is it possible to use multicast addresses ?
> How ? May someone give me a hint or example ?
> Thanks,
> -Michael
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