[Spread-users] Monitor on Win32?

Mike Stagnaro mstagnaro at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 12 13:38:48 EST 2001

I'm new to Spread and this list.  Currently using Rendezvous extensively on one project, and planning to assess (again) NDDS....also have a very primitive knowledge of HLA & DIS.  Spread looks very interesting as a potential alternative to other messaging frameworks (no central servers, reliable multicast, etc.) that I've used for distributed/replicated object collaberation...so I've been taking a look....

On to my question....
Does the monitor work on Win32 (NT/2K)?  I've been able to build it from 3.6.1 source -- had to insert a call to "WSAStartup()" within an ifdef block.  When I try to run locally, it appears to free run within "E_handle_events()" -- nothing appears to block when I step through it, and "User_command()" never appears to be called.  When running without breaks, it saturates the processor.

I'm running on Win2K, SP2 using Visual Studio 6, SP 5.  I have built and run the spread daemon successfully.  The binary versions (3.6 distribution) of spflooder and sptuser also seem to work as expected with default arguments (have not tried to build these yet from 3.6.1, but seems very do-able now).

Another side question....
I don't see any calls to "WSACleanup()" in the source distribution.  Does this lead to any strange behaviour on Win32 platforms, or does socket closure and/or process death do enough to release resources from Winsock (I usually call it to insure the ref counter stays consistent)?

Any clues appreciated!

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