[Spread-users] high cpu load

Dirk Vleugels dvl at 2scale.net
Fri Aug 31 06:05:17 EDT 2001


[stripped the mail recipients]

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 10:20:42PM -0400, Yair Amir wrote:
> > I have still not found an explanation. There is no network
> > problem on a lower layer i think.
> There is definitely a problem with the too high retransmission.
> > > > sent pack: 5706975      recv pack : 17722855    retrans    : 5540933
> > > > u retrans: 5386778      s retrans :  154155     b retrans  :       0
> >From this I understand that you probably have only one segment in you file, which is fine.
> u retrans is when only one guy lost it so far so you unicast to this guy.
> s retrans is when at least 2 guys from the same segment lost it (again, it seems
> you have only one segment in the system). BUT these numbers are extremely high.
> Something is really wrong. We have some programs you can find in the distribution
> called "s" and "r" that can show what happens in terms of low level issues on 
> your network. s and r are not part of the Spread toolkit really but they can be
> useful to us when we try to see if there is a problem on the udp level.
> Maybe you can poke a bit there.

Using the same network spread is running on:


./s -a -t 2 -s 1000 -b 50 -n 100000
total time is (20,466537), with 0 problems

Ready to receive on port 4444
Report: total packets 100000, total missed 16, total corrupted 0

It's no udp problem i guess. I will take a closer look on


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