[Spread-users] Wackamole Release Announcement: N-Way Fail Over for IP addresses in a Cluster

Jon Stevens jon at latchkey.com
Thu Aug 30 02:52:55 EDT 2001

on 8/29/01 3:39 PM, "Yair Amir" <yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu> wrote:

> How it works:
> Wackamole runs as root on each of the cluster's machines. It uses the
> membership 
> notifications provided by the Spread Toolkit (http://www.spread.org, also
> available
> under a similar license) to generate a consistent state that is agreed upon
> among 
> all of the connected Wackamole instances.
> Wackamole uses this knowledge to ensure that all of the public IP addresses
> served by the 
> cluster will be covered by exactly one Wackamole instance.

That is so COOL!

Great idea!


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