[Spread-users] send text to spread group from command line?

Monte Ohrt monte at ispi.net
Fri Aug 17 12:39:53 EDT 2001

Is there a way to send text to a spread group from the command line? I
guess I'm asking if there is a non-interactive client that can take
input like so:

spread_client -g groupname -s 4803 < input.txt


echo input.txt | spread_client -g groupname -s 4803

If there _is_ such a client, could this be used in apache for spreading
the error_logs instead of the perl script that comes with
mod_log_spread? I'm trying to avoid perl :-)

ErrorLog = "|/path/to/spread_client -g group -s port"

Monte Ohrt <monte at ispi.net>

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