[Spread-users] Desired features

George Schlossnagle george at omniti.com
Wed Aug 23 10:51:37 EDT 2000

In regards to 1), if you 'overfill' your configuration file with all the
members you might possibly add, the you can add the later (at runtime)
w/o affecting current members.

Raymond S Brand wrote:
> A couple of things that I'd like to see (soon) in Spread:
>         1) Dynamic reconfiguration. The ability to add or
>                 delete segments and segment members without
>                 impacting connected clients.
>         2) Security mechanisms. Keep non authorized clients
>                 or Spread daemons from joining.
> I'd be happy if 1) could be done by modifying all the configuration
> files and HUPing the daemons. But only if all the clients in both
> the old and the new configurations do not appear to have left and
> rejoined the groups.
> Raymond S Brand
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