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Hi Ulysses, 

I agree with Ed that most public clouds support neither broadcast nor multicast, so you will have to configure Spread to only use unicast addresses, which is fine for small configurations.

But I think something deeper is going wrong here with your underlying networking.

Even in your original configuration file, you used singleton daemon segments.  In that case, I believe the segment address is effectively ignored regardless of what it is: a broadcast address, multicast address, loopback address, completely wrong address, etc.  So, changing the segment address from one thing to another while using singleton segments should have had no effect.

I would verify first that you can run some test programs on those two addresses on those two ports and get bidirectional UDP traffic working on your base port (14823), base port + 1 (14824), and base port + 2 (14825) if you want to use spmonitor.

My hunch is that something is not working correctly in your underlying networking for those addresses and those ports.


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Thanks Edward,
Unfortunately the same issue with the loopback address. Being that the new recommended configuration, from Openlink, is uni vs multicast would this be an issue?
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Change the broadcast to local loopback address, Azure doesn’t allow broadcast
Spread_Segment {
Spread_Segment {
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I am having issues with spread communicating on two Azure server 16 boxes. Each box only shows one membership and each individual box as the leader. I’ve run into this issue previously but can’t recall what was done to resolve this particular issue. I have attached the information from each box and the spread.conf configuration file. I can communicate between both boxes as they are in the same resource group and have no firewall in between them.
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