[Spread-users] Connecting spread daemons with different segment configurations

Timo Korthals tkorthals at cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Jan 29 10:21:17 EST 2015

Dear spread users,

we are trying to setup a huge (< 60) spread daemon network.
We just tried to define more than 20 segments in the spread 
configuration, but this is not valid due to the following line in 
#define         MAX_PROC_NAME           20 /* largest possible size of 
process name of daemon */

First of all, it seems a bit sloppy to me, that there is no "#ifndef 
MAX_PROC_NAME", so that one can define this macro variable during 
configuration time with "./configure".
On the other hand I want to know, why have you chosen such a small number?
In you manual you describe a tested configuration of 60 daemons (which 
is totally OK for us).
Are there any big disadvantages of huge segment setups and what happens 
if I increase the number of daemons?

My first guess would be, that the communication overhead is increasing 
exponentially, due to the fact that the spread daemons always try to 
test their communication partners.
In fact, for our setup we just want to send a really small amount of 
data, and only want the advantage of the connectability.

So is it safe to just increase the "MAX_PROC_NAME" variable?

Kind regards,

Timo Korthals, M.Sc.
Universität Bielefeld
AG Kognitronik & Sensorik
Exzellenzcluster Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC)
Inspiration 1 (Zehlendorfer Damm 199)
33619 Bielefeld - Germany

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