[Spread-users] Different OS versions of segment members in 4.0.0?

Rodrick Brown rodrick.brown at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 16:11:29 EDT 2014

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> On Oct 27, 2014, at 2:42 PM, Matt Garman <matthew.garman at gmail.com> wrote:
> We have several important Spread segments that are still running
> Spread version 4.0.0.  Why we're still on an eight-year-old version is
> simply oversight on our part.  So we do plan to upgrade, as soon as
> the current issue is resolved.
> The issue is: the segments are all composed of the same four machines.
> Until Friday, all machines were running CentOS 5.7.  On Friday, just
> one of those machines was upgraded to CentOS 6.5.
> Now, what we've run into is that after some trigger (seems to be
> correlated with traffic and/or load), one or more daemons gets into a
> bad state such that the entire segment becomes unusable.  In
> particular, from the Spread log files, everything looks OK (no
> crashes, no weird errors, just a typical logfile).  But using our
> applications, we either (1) cannot even connect to any daemon in the
> segment, or (2) we can connect, but cannot send or receive any
> messages.  In the latter case, it might look like a message is being
> sent, but it is certainly not delivered to any listeners.
> The workaround fix for now is to simply kill the Spread daemon
> processes on the server with the upgraded OS.  When we do this, the
> other daemons seem to auto-correct and everything works as expected.
> I know the 4.0.0 version is ancient history, but does this problem
> description trigger anyone's memory of OS-version-related issues?  In
> particular, we're trying to re-create the issue in a lab environment
> first, so we can have confidence that a Spread version upgrade (or
> whatever) will actually fix it (as opposed to simply deploying a newer
> version an hoping it works).
> Does any of this ring any bells?  :)
> Thanks,
> Matt
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