[Spread-users] Fixes for java implementation

Johannes Wienke jwienke at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Oct 7 15:02:18 EDT 2013

Sorry for asking, has anyone noticed this message? Would be nice to get
some feedback, especially on the tcpnodelay issue.

Kind regards,

On 27.08.13 11:22 schrieb Johannes Wienke:
> Hi,
> we have maintained some patches for the spread java implementation for
> some time in our system and I would like to contribute them back.
> After updating them to version 4.3 two issues have remained:
> 1. We have added a method to set the tcpnodelay option on the
> SpreadConnection to speed up sending of small messages.
> 2. Since java 1.5 is out for some time now a second patch adds generics
> to avoid compiler warnings.
> The first patch is an absolute necessity in our system and we would be
> glad if you could apply it. For the second patch you have to decide
> whether compatibility with java 1.4 is still required or not.
> Kind regards,
> Johannes
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