[Spread-users] Version 4.2 and 4.3 - Windows build

Yoann Fabre yoann.fabre at epiphyte.eu
Thu May 16 13:04:58 EDT 2013

We are using Spread (4.0) in a mixed environment including Windows machines
(NT6/6.1 kernel, amd64).


John Schultz said:

      "I'd still recommend you upgrade to 4.2.0 or the new 4.3.0 release

      That goes for everyone else reading this too!"


I'd really like to migrate since some features of 4.2 would ease
considerably our deployment.

(most notably the use of monotone clocks, we might at long last be able to
run daemons in VMs,

but it is unclear if monotone clocks are/could be supported by the current
code base on NT6/6.1)


I've looked quickly at the source, but the current tree for 4.2 seems to be
quite "windows unfriendly".

I'm quite experienced at the game of "porting" Unix/Linux code to a native
VS build, but I'm reluctant to

do a large patch to Spread : we use it mainly for its reliability, and
tinkering with the low level event

handling of the core network code does not strike me as a good idea.


I've seems at least two messages in this list in the past few months about
this issue. The most recent

being from Robert Mecklenburg (2013/04/18). In this message he said:

   "I have just compiled 4.2.0 on MS Visual Studio 2005. 238 lines of
sources changes. 

     Do you want these diffs?  If so, how would you like them delivered?"


So well. I'd like those diffs :-)


But it would be really nice if a core dev of Spread could vet an official
release or at least

a semi-official patch. I'd be glad to help in the creation/test of a Win
release with a VS build.




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