[Spread-users] Spread daemon ceases to work on mac, stuck processes

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Tue May 7 12:42:53 EDT 2013


I'm confused.  The configuration file you sent uses the address.  So, from where did the address come?

What did you change so that it now works?


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On May 7, 2013, at 12:29 PM, Johannes Wienke wrote:


On 07.05.13 18:15 schrieb John Schultz:
> Please post the config file you are actually using and how you are running spread from the command line.

The config is attached, apart from that I removed the logging again.
This is the default file generated from the source-based installation.

I am launching spread with "spread -n localhost"

> I waded through your log file.  It looks like what is happening is that the daemon is running through its normal membership algorithm, but when it sends the token to itself it never receives it back.  So, it thinks it has lost the token and then restarts its membership algorithm.  But because it will always fail to get its token back, these membership attempts will always fail and loop like this forever.
> It seems like the problem is that when the daemon tries to send to itself at at port 4804 that it never receives it back.  Are you sure your addresses are correct?  Are you sure there isn't a firewall or something similar interfering?
> I noticed that your id is rather than   I'm wondering how that happened?  Normally, I would think you would need an entry in /etc/hosts that maps "localhost" to and change Spread's config file for it to start up happily.  Is that what you did?  Or is something else going on?  Are you running Spread by forcing it to use a particular name in the config (e.g. - spread -n localhost)?

Now I see this, too. My IP for localhost is definitely So
this probably explains the problem.

> Are you running on a 64 bit machine?  There is a known bug in 4.1.0 on such machines that can exhibit behavior like this.  You should probably try 4.2.0 or even the 4.3.0 release candidate and see if you have the same problem.

Yes, Mountain Lion is 64 bit. However, after changing the IP problem
everything seems to work correctly.

So it just seems to me that the default config is generated in a wrong
way. Is that the known bug?

> As to why it seems to work a little bit, Spread accepts messages from users even when it can't send them immediately (e.g. - during a membership algorithm), but eventually will refuse more messages (e.g. - after 500) if you send it a lot.  So, while Spread accepts the messages from your load application for a while it eventually refuses any more, so he seems to lock up.
> If you have your receive client join before the load client does it ever receive anything?  My hunch is that it would not.

I never received anything.

So thanks for pointing the IP address issue out!


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