[Spread-users] Spread Accelerated Ring Experimental version 4.3.0 released

Amy Babay babay at cs.jhu.edu
Wed Jul 3 17:22:19 EDT 2013

The Spread Toolkit Accelerated Ring Experimental release 4.3.0 has been
released. This version features an experimental protocol and was developed
as part of research being done at the Distributed Systems and Networks Lab
at Johns Hopkins University. You read about and download it here:

The new protocol is tailored for data center networks, and my experiments
show that it can provide a 30-50% increase in throughput and a 20-35%
reduction in latency compared to the original protocol in local area
networks. We would encourage you to test it out and would love to hear
about your experiences and any issues you encounter.

For those interested in performance-tuning for the Accelerated Ring
protocol, the relevant configuration parameters are AcceleratedRing and
AcceleratedWindow. AcceleratedRing must be set to "true" in the spread.conf
file to enable the Accelerated Ring protocol. AcceleratedWindow specifies
the number of packets from the PersonalWindow that will be sent after the
token. In general, the higher (closer to the full PersonalWindow) the
AcceleratedWindow is, the faster the token circulates, and the greater the
throughput and latency benefits are. However, for large values of
PersonalWindow (e.g. 100), setting AcceleratedWindow too high can lead to
reduced throughput due to retransmissions.

The sample.spread.conf file included in the release includes settings of
AcceleratedRing=true, AcceleratedWindow=20, PersonalWindow=20, and
GlobalWindow=100, which we found to provide a good performance tradeoff in
our experiments for 1-Gig and 10-Gig networks.

Amy Babay
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