[Spread-users] port limitation to int16

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Thu Aug 8 10:40:51 EDT 2013

Looks like we had roughly the same idea! :)

I think changing the underlying types that hold ports is probably safer because if somewhere someone does:

int16u port;


printf("%d", port);

I think C does the right thing.  


John Lane Schultz
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On Aug 8, 2013, at 10:20 AM, Johannes Wienke wrote:

Hi again,

On 08/08/2013 03:41 PM, Johannes Wienke wrote:
> There is an integer overflow in the
> daemon and this does not only exist in the printing. Actually the socket
> file in /tmp is really called -17536. The client API doesn't seem to
> have this overflow and tries to correctly find a file with name 48000.

Attached is a patch fixing the problems.

Kind regards,


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