[Spread-users] need help with spread configuration on VMs cluster

Tarashchanskiy, Yevgeniy yevgeniy.tarashchanskiy at emc.com
Tue Apr 23 10:19:08 EDT 2013


I am a newbie. I am trying to do simplest things to evaluate if I can use spread in my project.
I have a segment of several virtual machines that should talk to each other plus I would like to use spread for IPC between servers and clients on every VM.
I created very simple configuration file:


At best two VMs can finish configuration and "see" each other:

Num Segments 1
        2  4803

In most of the attempts only one VM finish configuration and other VMs print the line:
"Conf_load_conf_file: My name: . . ., port 4803"
and stop.

 I can start spuser(s) on VMs but they can't send messages to each other.
( My initial testing on one VM with configuration file that include line:
"loopback     "
allowed me to create a common group to several spusers and send messages to a group)

I need help to understand what can be wrong with configuration and how I can figure out my problems?
Can I have IPC without loopback?


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