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John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
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Great!  The print is being removed in the new version that is about to be announced.


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On Apr 5, 2013, at 4:26 AM, Fermín Suárez Mendoza wrote:

Problem solved, user error, just had to remove the code _REENTRANT

2013/4/5 Fermín Suárez Mendoza <fersm89 at gmail.com>
Another problem, as I made the switch and you say works in part, but now when I activate the E_attach_fd shows:

E_attach_fd: fd 3 with type 0 exists & Replaced & activated

But it does nothing, does not receive messages on automatic, but if I can only get them if I call the method Read_message. Remove the # ifndef _REENTRANT where was E_attach_fd lines because when it jumped the code executed was among those ifndef

Thanks for your patience.

2013/4/4 Fermín Suárez Mendoza <fersm89 at gmail.com>
How about someone show me what should I do to successfully compile Qt4 user.c example, because copying the code as it is I have the problem that I can not activate the E_attach_fd to receive automatic messages.

In if I see that the problem is with maintaining defined _REENTRANT up unlike running compile in c becomes undefined.

If anyone knows that flags or amending the code to work would be helpful.

Note: The sample code compiles fine, in fact I did a test user.c copying the file changing the extension to compile cpp and try to get the error but the extension has no problem c

invalid conversion from 'int (*) ()' to 'void (*) (int, int, void *)' [-fpermissive]

Sorry for my English, but is translated by google, but I'm good at reading hehehehe ...

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