[Spread-users] write(): java.net.SocketException

Shawn Bradford shawnb at mojix.com
Mon Nov 5 15:03:45 EST 2012


We are currently using spread and have found this error occurring quite
frequently. Unfortunately there is little information on write() errors to
be found on the net (many more read() errors).

*spread.SpreadException: write(): java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

Would someone be able to describe what would be a potential issue causing
this?  I am looking for some guidance as to the source of the error (maybe
from a developer) to assist in debugging the error.

We have tried to write several test apps to replicate the bug but have been
unsuccessful.  Our system is quite large with many moving parts and it is
unclear as to what sequence of events are causing the errors.

We are using spread 4.1 on 64 bit centos 5.5.

Thanks in advance,

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