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xuansheng mo moxuansheng at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 04:51:09 EDT 2012

hello all:

I installed the spread toolkit in my OS, and config the spread.conf to run
under multicast type.

The segment is below(m1 is my localhost)

Spread_Segment {

when the daemon run, I use the supser to test it.

spuser -s 3333 -u user1  | j spread1  | j spread2

spuser -s 3333 -u user2  | j spread  | j spread1

spuser -s 3333 -u user3 | j spread1 | j spread

and user1 send the message to group 'spread1', the user3 can receive the

All it works well in localhost.

But I start spread daemon on  host m2.

The segment is below(m2 is my localhost)

Spread_Segment {

First I connect the m1 to test.

spuser -s 3333 at -u user4 | j spread1 | j spread2

and the user4 can receive the message from user1.

but , the spuser -s 3333 -u user4 | j spread1 | j spread2 just connect the
m2 locally.

And user4 could not receive the message from m1 with same group.

(It seems the two daemon couldn't exchange message each other, From the
architecture about spread,

it show in http://www.cnds.jhu.edu/pub/papers/cnds-2004-1.pdf, Each daemon
keeps track of processes residing on its machine and participating in group

So, Does my config file is right ? Or something wrong with it?

Thanks in advance.

Mo xuansheng
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