[Spread-users] Fwd: can not open localhost file

amathis at atl.lmco.com amathis at atl.lmco.com
Tue Aug 21 14:07:18 EDT 2012

This is very much a newbie question, but you help would be much appreciated as we
haven't been able to find the correct answer in either the manual or the user
forums.  Anyhow, we're trying to get spread to start up for the first time.  We
are using a single machine and a single segment - we've been tinkering with the
conf file and no matter what we do, we get this error:

Log_alive: error (No such file or directory) could not open file localhost 

Despite running as root, we think its probably a permissions problem or linking
to the wrong place, but as I say, we keep getting the same error.   Any advice
would be most appreciated.


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---- Msg sent via ATL Webmail

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