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Jiva bagale jnbagale at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 11:51:30 EDT 2011


I am using Spread to enable large number of devices to send message to other
devices. I am using single group and single Spread daemon.
I have increased MAX_FD_EVENTS to 5000 on sp_events.h and recompiled Spread
to enable higher number of users. When I was using default value for
MAX_FD_EVENT(2000) it allowed me to connect 997 users  maximum and gave "too
many users" error for higher number of users. After increasing the
MAX_FD_EVENT to 5000, it is not giving me any such error. But I can connect
approx 1010 users only. Where as I was expecting I Can connect upto 2497
users now. It doesn't give any error when I connect more users  but Spread
process starts to use very high amount of CPU. Currently, I am only
connecting to the Spread NOT JOINING the group and SENDING message to the
group using SP_Multicast. Is there any additional setting or configuration
to be changed? What might possibly be the reason here?

Another issue is, If I join after connecting in the above scenario, The
Spread process seems to increasingly consume RAM. For 500 plus devices, it
uses about 2GB of RAM. I have set MAX_SESSION_MESSAGES to 2000 on spread
configuration. Is this memory usage normal for these number of devices? It
means the spread daemon crashes when more users try to join due to
insufficient memory. Also, the memory usage doesn't decrease even when all
the users are disconnected. Is there any configuration I can change to
improve this.

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