[Spread-users] spread tool configuration issue

Rasika Karunathilaka rasika.karunathilaka at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 12 06:27:18 EDT 2011

Hi Team,
 I am trying to configure wackamole tool on Ubuntu Server 11.04 64 bit instance. I installed wackamole and then tried to configure spread utility. I changed the /etc/init.d/spread script to point at correct spread.conf file. However , spread doesn't work as I need. when I try to communicate with other server through spuser, the messages are not coming to the other end.
please find my spread conf files.


Spread_Segment {
   EventLogFile = /var/log/spread.log
DebugFlags = { ALL !DATA_LINK !EVENTS }
   DangerousMonitor = false
   DaemonUser = spread
DaemoGroup = spread

Still I can't communicate with other node using spuser, when I send a message it doesn't appear on the other node.
Can Someone please help on this?

Rasika K.
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