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Jonathan Stanton jonathan at spreadconcepts.com
Thu Nov 17 11:34:43 EST 2011

There is a configure option in the Spread configure script to set this. This was added to support the Debian package (I think) because of a similar issue. The option is  --with-unix-socket-dir=PATH.

The reason it was not made runtime configurable is the same path needs to be available to client programs who want to connect -- when using the unix socket to connect, they do not pass the full path, but only the port number of Spread. The Spread library knows which directory those unix sockets are created in. So it would be broken if you ran a daemon with a different directory but did not compile your client programs to use the same directory as they would not look in the right place to connect. 

If you are providing your own applications on top of Spread, then recompiling the entire package (library and daemons) with the configure option setting a different directory would work. 

If this is a common problem, then the solution would be to make the daemon configurable as you suggest and also to change the client libraries to accept some kind of option for where to look for the unix socket files. That would require some change to the APIs.


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On Nov 17, 2011, at 11:12 AM, John Robinson wrote:

> We have been using spread with great success.  However, we bumped into 
> this one; customer (using Linux) reported:
>   "we have an automated job that clears out /tmp which might the 
> difficult to remove or change as it's part of the system build we use."
> Unix filesystem rules being what they are, this leaves the spread daemon 
> running but no visible Unix domain socket to reach it.
> Looks like only way to move the socket file elsewhere is to recompile. 
> Suggest making this a config parameter to the spread daemon.
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