Miguel Araújo miguelaraujo at lsd.di.uminho.pt
Thu Feb 17 12:42:59 EST 2011


I am using Spread on a group of machines connected through an LAN. One of the machines is sending messages to the others with a not really high rate.
After some minutes I receive the NET_ERROR_ON_SESSION message:

"SP_error: (-18) The network socket experienced an error. This Spread mailbox will no longer work until the connection is disconnected and then reconnected"

Even with small rates of "message sending" the Spread does not handle it too much time and ends with the same error.

So, what is happening here? What are the limits of Spread in this case? Throughput, network, etc.

I would appreciate any help and information, and I am available to provide more information if necessary.

Thanks and kind regards,

Miguel Araújo
| miguelaraujo at lsd.di.uminho.pt |

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