[Spread-users] spread toolkit benchmark and performance

arrrr gv arrrrgv at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 00:04:50 EDT 2011

Hi this is arrrrgv,

I actually have wrote a prototipe with perl in my company to concentrate
server log files in a single point of the network and analyze it based on
certain parameters. Till now everything works right so I'm looking forward
to put it in production, but the main problem I got now is my boss wanted to
me to stress the application so he wants to be sure nothing will goes wrong
based on the spread toolkit and all the scripting I have done around.

So could you let me know what would you recomend me to stress the spread
toolkit and benchmark it? I don't know maybe there's a simple way, i would
need to know the CPU, Memory and swap consumption based on a the spread
toolkit performance when is working hard, I mean, to see which limits it
has... I don't know maybe someone already have done so? how?

Thank you
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