[Spread-users] ppc version of spread 4.1.0 closing connection

Mark Swan mswan at cray.com
Thu Sep 9 16:36:46 EDT 2010

Hi all.

I'm running spread 4.1.0 on a ppc machine.  It is an isolated domain with a very simply configuration:

Spread_Segment {  localhost }
SocketPortReuse = ON

This configuration has run perfectly well on 4.0.0 for both x86_64 and ppc for many months.  I recently wanted to upgrade to 4.1.0.  The x86_64 version still seems to run just fine but it's the ppc version that's having problems.

I have a very simple application that calls SP_connect(), SP_join(), and SP_receive().  SP_connect() succeeds as does SP_join().  As soon as SP_receive() is called, it fails with CONNECTION_CLOSED (-8).  If the calls to SP_join() and SP_receive() switched around (i.e., put the SP_receive() into a thread), as soon as SP_join() is called, the SP_receive() gets CONNECTION_CLOSED.

This does not occur when connecting to a 4.1.0 x86_64 spread daemon.

It doesn't matter if my client is also a local ppc application or if it is a x86_64 application that's connecting to this spread daemon remotely, the same disconnect occurs.

Can anyone give insight as to what's going on here?


mswan at cray.com<mailto:mswan at cray.com>

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