[Spread-users] Gaps between message send

Heimo Zeilinger zeilinger at ict.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Nov 16 14:41:10 EST 2010

Hey folks,
Thanks for your help regarding my last issues! However, time goes by and new issues rise - that's life.
Currently I am working on sending periodically transactions to a database using 2 daemon processes. When I tested the setup the first time I recognized that these messages are sent in blocks with a gap of around 12 seconds in between. As this gap occurs rather periodically I am sure that the token timing parameters are the reason for it even though I have not been able to find the correct settings, yet. I reduced the parameters in membership.c to a third and decreased the gap to 8 seconds. However, this is still quiet unsatisfying for my application. By the way, the CPU load is around 4 -6%. Two question raised for me:

1.        I interpret the token timers as they define the MAXIMUM time a daemon process will wait for the token. Is this correct, or do they define the time that a daemon process holds it no matter if it has already finished it tasks or not. Currently the daemon process seams to send a block of messages and afterwards it is doing more or less nothing for around 11 seconds.

2.       Is it possible to configure the daemon the way that it passes on the token to the next daemon process in the moment that it finished its task?

Actually I use total ordering, even though a different configuration does not take any effect.
Maybe you know an answer to the problem!

Kind regards

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