[Spread-users] Dynamic size scatter

Heimo Zeilinger zeilinger at ict.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Nov 10 04:05:17 EST 2010


I was struggling with the same problem. I sent a scatter filled with n elements and expected to receive an identically structured scatter at the sink.  Unfortunately my expectation were not fulfilled and I decided for a workaround that equals more a dirty hack than a satisfying solution. Maybe I misinterpreted the scatter element structure but I expected that the scatter element size should be used at the receiver for decoding the element. 
Maybe someone of you has an idea to solve this issue.  

Kind regards     

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Hello everyone

I've been trying to send and receive a scatter with scat_elements of variable length. At the receiving end I reserved the maximum of the possibly needed memory. 
The problem is that SP_receive fills up the buf* with values until its full, ignoring the len values of the scat_elements.

The question now is if it is possible to receive messages of variable length at all? 

Sincerely, Stefan
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