[Spread-users] RESOLVED - Issue with Spread going silent

Yair Amir yairamir at cs.jhu.edu
Sun Nov 7 19:00:14 EST 2010

This would be a good idea.

We have quite a bit of code (other than Spread) that uses this
scatter gather scheme.

I suspect almost everyone is using 64-bits - all our stuff is, but I never
encountered this problem myself. Apparently only on FreeBSD and AMD chips (?)


	:) Yair.

On 11/7/10 4:42 PM, Luke Marsden wrote:
> Hi Mel,
> Thank you!! Changing the header file as per
> http://lists.spread.org/pipermail/spread-users/2010-July/004316.html
> seems to have done the trick. Clusters of two now join together with a
> third even while our Python daemon is running and pumping data through
> Spread.
> Can't express how grateful I am for this, this was a real show-stopper
> for the launch of our beta programme, which is this week!
> Yair, I think this might warrant a point release, you've probably got a
> lot of 64-bit users who could get bitten by this bug. Also, thank you
> for your kind assistance today :-)

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