[Spread-users] Issue with Spread going silent

Yair Amir yairamir at cs.jhu.edu
Sun Nov 7 12:29:55 EST 2010

Dear Luke,

Thanks - this is very helpful. This confirmed my analysis from before.

The network membership looks good, so the form2 token should be sent
to the correct address, but unfortunately, that specific message is never received
(actually the message is sent twice by 147 but none of the copies is
  received by 102).

I don't see an easy way to diagnose this without digging to the network level
because, from Spread perspective, it seems it is doing its job correctly and
just a specific message is never making it even though it is sent several times.
And the same thing repeats exactly the same.

So all in all, I don't think it is a higher level bug. The next step would be
to turn on NETWORK level debug messages and to see what the network layer of
Spread is doing with that specific message. You do this similarly to the
way we turned MEMBERSHIP debug messages - just add the word NETWORK
before (or after) MEMBERSHIP in the spread.conf file

If the network level of spread will do its job as I expect, it will go to the
data link level of Spread, and beyond that become an operating system / network
card issue.

Before we dive in this - is there a way to natively have 3 computers running
the exact same operating system but without virtualization?
I know many people use Spread with virtualization successfully as I do in some
testings, but not with FreeBSD (I have mac, linux and Windows).
It is ironic - Spread was originally developed on NetBSD.


	:) Yair.

On 11/7/10 10:46 AM, Luke Marsden wrote:
> Hi Yair,
> Thank you so much for your time on this.
> Here is the diff so you can check it:
> https://github.com/hybridlogic/Spread-Yair-fix/commit/cc456dcaa073629634ce0019673324b54af71b4f
> Also I had to do this to get it to compile:
> https://github.com/hybridlogic/Spread-Yair-fix/commit/15649ddc00bc728204b324f63c13fe77fb15a33a
> And here is the output for the first few seconds after starting the
> third daemon:
> http://lukemarsden.net/yair-debug/Screenshot-1.png
> http://lukemarsden.net/yair-debug/Screenshot-2.png
> http://lukemarsden.net/yair-debug/Screenshot-3.png
> http://lukemarsden.net/yair-debug/Screenshot-4.png
> (Ignore the *** GOT HERE ***, that was me.)
> If you wish to make any code changes, you can fork the repo at
> https://github.com/hybridlogic/Spread-Yair-fix to your own GitHub
> account, commit the changes and issue a pull request, then I can merge
> and test very quickly.
> Alternatively just send me line numbers and code and I'll apply the
> changes manually, whatever's quicker for you :-)

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