[Spread-users] Spread and Networking

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Tue Jun 15 11:36:56 EDT 2010

I'm currently investing Spread vs JGroups vs Hazelcast, and had some
questions on Spread and networking.

I'm trying to provide some HA/redundancy to my application by mandating that
all nodes in the cluster, running this application should have multiple
NICs, each NIC connected to a completely different network (e.g. NIC1 on
network 10.1.3.*, NIC2 on network 172.16.1.*).  This way, if one of the
networks go up in flames, there are redundant networks available to route
application traffic.

*Questions: *

1. Does Spread support this kind of network failover configuration?

2. In the case of a network fault (e.g. bad NIC, bad router), is there a way
to configure Spread so that it will failover communications to a working
interface on a given node?

3. Given the following network configuration, would all Spread nodes be able
to see each other:

   - 1. Three nodes (node1, node2, and node3) in the cluster
   - 2. node2 has two NICs (each on a different network)
   - 3. node1 and node2 are connected through one network (e.g 10.1.3.*)
   - 4. node2 and node3 are connected through a totally different
   network (e.g 172.16.1.*)

Or is it a requirement that each Spread node should be reachable through the
network from all other Spread nodes?

Thanks in Advance!
-- Daniel
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