[Spread-users] Spread Reconnect?

Marc Fiedler m.fiedler at marc-systems.de
Fri Aug 27 13:29:37 EDT 2010

 Hi guys,

i got a small problem with the spread not reconnecting after losing the
network connection
for instance if the network cable was pulled out.

so i got 2 questions:

1. Is there any possibility that spread reconnects after that?
    for the standard communication in the spread group this is no
problem at all, after plugging the
    cable back in, the communication goes on, but the spread member
lists are not working any
    more then. what brings me to my second question...

2. is there some sort of "refresh" message that could be sent around in
the spread group, so that everyone
    gets a new member list?

I'm working on that now, but it would be really great if you had some
advice how to deal with this problem
on spread.



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