[Spread-users] Spread stability issues

Rachel Willmer rwillmer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 08:58:19 EDT 2009

We're deploying a spread network and have run into stability problems.
Without much in the way of traffic going over the network, we find the
spread daemons are dying with errors like "Discard_packets: (EVS
before transitional) packet 1 not exist" and "Answer_retrans: retrans
of 1 requested while Aru is 2".

It's a simple config with a single segment, running v4.1.

Doing a bit of googling shows people have been raising questions about
daemons dying with these messages for a few years now - is this just a
known problem?

How do people work-around it if so?

One post I saw appeared to suggest that using multicast rather than
unicast helps - is this true?

Thanks for any help with this

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