[Spread-users] Unable to send message to machine on LAN

Sandeep Agarwal sandeepagarwal.1980 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 12:36:38 EDT 2009


I have 2 machines (hosts) with vmware installed. Each machine has one
guest OS installed on it.
Network setup:

host_a :
host_b :

guest_a : # Guest OS on host_a
guest_b : # Guest OS on host_b

guest_a can ping and access services (ssh, http) from host_b,
similarly guest_b can communicate with host_a.

I am first trying to setup Spread in such a way that guest from any
one host should be able to send message to other host, i.e. guest_a
should be able to send message to host_b.

Spread config on guest_a:

Spread_Segment {

Spread_Segment {

host_a and host_b are having exact config file and the spread segments
are also listed in the above order.

with this setup host_a and guest_a can communicate but no message is
delivered to host_b.

If I remove spread segment for from host_a and restart
the daemon host_a and host_b can communicate but I am not able to
configure spread such that all the three machines can communicate.

Suggestions ?

Is spread treating host_a as multi-homed host with two networks and and how does it effects the spread
communication ?

Can anyone also point me to some spread documentation that explains
the spread basics and configuration in details.



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