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Christopher Browne cbbrowne at ca.afilias.info
Tue Nov 17 17:18:18 EST 2009

"K. Richard Pixley" <rich at noir.com> writes:
> Has anyone made any noise about updating the debian/ubuntu packages to 
> spread version 4?  They seem to be a few years out of date, I'm in a 
> position to volunteer the work, and I'll need packages anyway if I go 
> through with my upcoming project using spread.

I reported a bug on this a while back...


Quoting the relevant bits:

there are at least 2 problems where help is needed:
- there are API changes in spread v4, libspread has a higher major
  version number than in v3 (2 vs. 1).
- in spread v3 we built 4 packages from source tarball:
  * spread,
  * libspread1,
  * libspread1-dev,
  * libspread-perl.
  In spread v4 tarballs the perl stuff is not longer included, so
  libspread-perl will disappear unless we build it from CPAN or from
  spread's svn (CPAN has the more recent version) in a seperate package.

Should one build a package providing
- spread,
- libspread2,
- libspread2-dev
conflicting with libspread1/libspread1-dev? And let "Debian Perl Group"
handle the libspread-perl? 
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